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Welcome to journey 2020 sponsored by Islamic Relief USA open up to the 15th judges. Judges. One fivesurah is wrong


although we learn Umina shape or new rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem, one one once you've joinedus


welcome to the 15th today friends market as a moment of very bada while ACHEMA Salam, warahmatullahi wa barakatuh Maryam Jawad and Abdullah team from around the world. Miss Mia Lovehearing raw minute Rahim soba Hi now lezzy us lobbying either de la de la Lane Leila MENA Loomis Jithen how AMI eat I'll miss reading up on slaw. Lena Mina the most viewed in how Amin al Masjid inour bones all the BA work now.


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wa John axon on Nephele Long Island Messiah and welcome to our journey 2020 project here on behalfof IR usa.org forward slash TV everyone who's joining us sewer is law 15th juris first page I anumber seven


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on the 15th just beginning, how about one more page friends? How about one more page of recitationwhere you can take your time and hear every single word? I'll take one more page Barak Lo Fi COMMAnd welcome to our Islamic Relief audience Varric Lo Fi comm I are a USA Welcome friends, everyonejoining us on Roku and on sling around the world Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Welcome to journey2020 sponsored by none other than Islamic Relief Welcome Friends, if you can open up the sound arealso bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. I learned I learned Rand.


May your dreams turn to be pious end up being virtuous and pious for you Allahu Amin friends. Let'sdo it together.


I love my AMI and Murad and family bark Lo Fi calm and love and Salutations to the family. one moreone more page friends. I'm gonna go ahead I'm feeling it tonight. Alright, so I'm back home I


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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who beloved friends, welcome to our 15th teachers inGermany 2020 years of preparation, the right teaming up at the right time during the right Ramadanhas brought us together. During this time together, mark your mind, the five components that bringus here are a lens, a view through the window of the one who narrated or gave this book to us God,who and all of his names and attributes. Once understanding God from the perspective of who he is,


we then look through the eyes to the heart through the character of Muhammad sallallahu alayhiwasallam. Thus, reading the lens of Surah is lot 17 and 18 in just number 15, Surah, 17 and 18,section 17 and 18. And of the 30 chapters of the Quran, this is the 15th we are going to say todaythe word with God's mercy one yet a lot of this phrase is the exact middle of the 77,000 Plus wordsof the Quran, the exact middle of the word having some spiritual significance, not at all. But asfar as us reaching towards the schizo sky and trying to reach the top of this mountain, we will havereached the exact halfway point when it comes to the words, can you praise your Lord today and ask


for that transformation, not that this turns out to be some great lecture series, but that here andnow on the 15th, just before the 15th night comes upon me, Oh God, I choose to make a transformationand choose that the story is real, that there is a God and that that God sent messengers that Godleft relics and miracles and the one of the long standing miracles that is with us today is theQuran delivered to us by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that means there are angels overhere. That means I am a means for love and mercy and kindness in this on this earth. And that if Ilook at the Quran, it is that love letter to Muhammad, peace be upon him. And thus a level of love


letter to us, soothing us during times of console times of difficulty, just a little bit on the moreperspiring side today and I'm glad for it. The weight is heavy after 15 years are you buckled in atthat? 45th minute for a 15 just seven minutes recap bark lofi calm and welcome Adam you're coming inat a glorious time friends. If you're ready, buckle up buckle in. Here we go for 15 years revisionnumber one Surah Fatiha Allah subhanaw taala guide us don't make us amongst those who have earnedYour anger or who went astray. Oh God. Now clarify to us. Who are those who you have guided? What isguidance? And who are those who earned Your anger and who are those who went astray? Well when you


look at that, all of Surah Baqarah is a definition of the Quran is the guidance and Bunny is laweel, that tribes of the Jewish nations of that time earn the anger of Allah Surah Ali Imran NESARAthose who associated Jesus as the Son of God went far astray. The importance of being a collectiveOMA Surah Baqarah told us what earning God's anger looks like. Surah Ali Imran told us what goingforestry looked like and for 100 verses the last 100 verses Surah Ali Imran beckoned us as a Muslimcommunity be one body to be one body to be one force and to connect with the Koran constantly surahnumber four Surah Nisa guidance on becoming a collective ummah. It's one thing to say I'm not black,


white, Indian, Pashto Farsi. I am not of a certain ethnicity or my culture tribe doesn't affect me,but it does. So God


undoubtably comes to us in the fourth Surah So


missa teaching us components of the society, the orphan, the rich, the poor, and women in thissociety as well. Collective OMA needs a state Shazia. barkcloth Wiechmann. Welcome in Surah Nisa, wesee that first glimmer of Islam the complete system meeting its own, that there was no separationbetween God government and guidance. Surah Nisa was the first hint at that Surah ma EDA surah.Number five legal teachings are the basis of the state and the case against shirk the case againstidolatry. But was idolatry to only be left to statues and rituals, or was idolatry, excluding Godand taking another system other than that which God had revealed in legislation? Ooh, it gets heavy


in surah. Number five, yeah, we're at the end of the medina rope. So there is a complete oneness andunity in the Ummah through the fact that God and government and guidance are not separated. Surahanom surah number six, the next hoorah group begins and a mugger Quran Gaya Imam Imam belief in Godbelief in God belief in Mohammed belief in the Hereafter, we will meet God, there is no other Godexcept God, there is a day of judgment Don't be, don't lose your identity, be unique, and know thatyou will meet your Lord. Very powerful statement 165 verses of oneness of God, Allah examines


associating partners with God when it comes to government. When it comes to God forbid we hear theword out of context. Shut er, there is a law that is abide. And that is written in the deen, thereis a religion, and God is not shying away from the conversation of who's going to deal withinheritance. So in Surah, number six Surah anom. God says there is such a thing as trying to get Godout of the system of living and that is shirk, that is associating partners with God. And then Godmentions nations who try to annex God from the bigger picture, who tried to banish God off into aritual into a cap or into a day of the week. But then in Surah, number six, God wrote while they got


slammed everyone joining us that there was 165, verses Surah anom, was brought down as a miracle, ifyou could acknowledge with a six in the chatbox. If you could think about it, that this surah wasrevealed by 1000 Angels, is this some type of mythology? Do you believe this as something you tellkids in Sunday school? Or do you acknowledge that Surah six was 165 verses brought down at once?With 1000s of angels? Can you imagine the experience that Muhammad peace be upon him had surahnumber seven, one of our favorite or my favorite Surah numbers seven, six separate stories of NoahAssadi.


Sure, ape, Musa they Salam, who da they Salam




and hood.


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Six stories take place bark lofi confronts very powerful six stories take place in Surah numberseven, surah Allah six stories of dis direct destruction of nations and thus forth in Surah seven,the first warning to the courage comes down the first warning to the courage comes down chop chopSurah unfiled you know it is on when the battles have begun so we move from the warning that theoperation is going to get


bark Luffy confront so let's do this together sewer unfollow you got it right friend surah and fallprevious Surah mentions direct destruction of nations and fall and Toba. Indirectly, indirectdestruction, the philosophy of jihad thank you so much loot. There we go. New hood saw the loot.Sure. I Musa alayhis salam Thank you, sir, in Surah and fall, and in surah Toba God is talkingindirectly to them of the destruction of nations and saying here is the philosophy of jihad. OhQuraysh we aren't going to take this lying down. Thus it a philosophy of jihad in Surah number eighten surah number nine, do we embrace Surah eight and nine historically keep


Bring it with that within a historical vacuum. We recognize that skirmishes happened at the time andas a result, but the battle of butter and in this case, Ohio took place guidance on practical Jihadsurah. Number nine, the unsheathed Surah Surah nine came like a sword, but even that Surah endedthat didn't start with Bismillah and Laqad or sunnah, that certainly the Prophet sallallahu alayhiwa sallam, or SWAT on Hassan. That was hurry so not a camera woof. He was Muhammad sallallahu alayhiwa sallam the most beautiful of character and Allah is sufficient KOSPI Allah. Allah sufficiency isthat a word? The sufficient nature of God gave us a very powerful way to connect with the story of


universality salaam, even if the darkness of our problems and or our addiction has swallowed us likea whale, if our marriage our anger, our sins that keep playing a swallow us like a whale, there is aGod to turn to a shadow and now you know, behind Allah, pretty reckless prerequisites to jihad arediscuss, provide manifest truth, provide manifest truth and invite to the truth Surah Yunus verypowerfully, and we'll see the discussion come up later of Eunice la Salatu was Salam swallowed bythe whale.


Having his his feelings misson he wasn't. He wasn't trying to be wrong, but he still left hispeople. The whale swallowed him after Allah is enough for me, then La ilaha illa Anta Subhana if youcould take those two supplications the last verse 129 Surah nine and Surah Eunice's supplication. Ifyou can both make that connection, that once God becomes God is sufficient for you. You arelimitless then you can turn the camera inside and recognize the wrong that you're doing to yourself.Surah Hoon. The topic of warning nations by reflecting on history of nations is emphasized. Qurayshare being warned don't mess with a prophet. Don't ridicule a prophet those in the past who did this


met this destruction. Surah Hood emphasizes that I will awarding to the Quraysh Surah Youssef anepic story, that glad tidings of hardship being the sign of goodness coming. When if Surah Yusuf istelling you anything after it all gets tough. It all works out trust in your Lord Allah subhanawtaala so if you would, the topic of glad tidings after hardship is emphasized. Use if invited to toeheed, which is the truth, while shirk is the falsehood and who is getting recognized? Who is gettingcounseled in this whole scenario? Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam finally landingour plane on surah number 13 Surah rock the difference between low heat and shared truth and


falsehood has been made clear through natural and rational signs did anyone gets surah number 13 isrational and natural signs of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala


let me get to what what is belonging to shaytaan energy. Then you looked at Surah rod, then you saidwow the miracles that God has shown us


then Surah Ibrahim, then Surah hedger and then Surah Nahal, which we completed yesterday, a shadowon La Ilaha illa Allah so as those are a little bit more fresh, I will leave them without a majorreminder. Walaikum salam, anyone enjoy that? I'd love to see the 15 and the number 15 in the chatbox, if that was to your liking and short and concise if it was to your liking in the 55th MinuteSurah Ron, those who accept the invitation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quranare wise and those who reject it are foolish and ignorant.


Allah subhanaw taala goes through several stories in Surah Ibrahim, thank you very much friends,thank you very much. It is a way for us to take a quick dip Barca lafay COMM welcome beautifulfriends, welcome. Welcome and enter your LIGHT, shining your light, the lesson of disbelief andungratefulness that disbelief is a form barkcloth Yquem Long Island, strong island that a form ofdisbelief is ungratefulness y equals salaam, the Imam. And so every Surah Ibrahim


pointed us toward the direction of being aware of Allah subhanaw taala through great


fullness, live in the light friends, please by Judas number 15. I want you to be able to live in thelight proof for the law of


Surah hedger who surah. hedger is basically the Flash before the thunderstorm, or H are flat outbeing told that the law of Recompense will be imposed upon you. If you impose and get it become anobstacle to a profit, you will be destroyed as nations in the past as Pharaoh was destroyed as thepeople of Moses were as the as the people of evil have been destroyed in the past, you will bedestroyed Oak Ridge Surah Haider, and then we open surah Nahal, which was Hello. Can anyone puttheir finger on Sir now? I know it's a little fresh. Can anyone put their finger on? To me it reallywas a dialogue of inner dialogue. Well, is there really one God was Mohammed salatu? was salam


really a prophet? What's prophet hood?


And is there a day of judgment? Is this just is it just scared? We're just scared? Is there really aday of judgment and God's having this full on conversation? Fulfilling the word that Allah subhanawtaala is the one creator, right Surah of blessings, miracles and signs, there you go, blessings,miracles and signs if you want to write it down, I would say sir, on the Hill blessings, miraclesand signs. There's so much that goes on in the Surah. But at the end of the day, every example isrebuking people who don't believe that there's one God, the crimes of the Quran, the proof thatthere is only one God and so, you see Allah subhanaw taala allowing the Quran to speak for itself.


Will you write that down to honeybees? Will you all Oh, thank you. Yes, honey bees cows scientificmiracles. Right now. Hell is a dialogue with the deniers of though he's been awesome like it knowit. I'm glad you know it.


So today in 111 is I was a biller how many people feeling feeling like some catch up that we had agood ketchup and mayonnaise Allahumma Amin I know you'd Some don't like ketchup. So today, let'sstart we're deep into our discussion of Surah is slaw. We've read two pages into it today. Surah islaw and Surah Toluca have two major mammoth will complete surah is law and begin Surah calf todaycompleting it tomorrow i A one through 10 Hello, these are two sisters who are as you will learnmore about Surah groupings later on. i A one through 10 that glad tiding of the conquest of Makkah.And based on this the rise and fall of bunny is Surah e Whoo.


Okay, if our notes are not going to give us I would like to discuss Can anyone tell me what surah isra also discusses. Okay, right. I get it. We've talked about bunnies, right? Yo, what's going on inthat first verse? soba. Ohana lesbi us long been Ivan De Helaine Leila, Amina msgid In how long Elanmust do the outposts? All right. Could you tell me what happens in the Surah we are talking about isallowed me to lodge now I really am poking at our belief for a moment here. I'm poking to see Do youunderstand you believe Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam traveled the night journey took thenight journey and went from Makkah to mocha Rama Yes. When from on the ascension. miraj Do you


understand that as a muslim you are a believing in this and that you recognize this supernaturalevent Markelov to come Jamil.


So I started out surah is law as I come to the 15 Jews of the Quran. Everything before you believedin Mohammed Salah Salem the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam fought some wars. But Vint Azzam isbringing up the point and everyone at home gets the Wait a minute. This is supernatural angelscoming and being a part of bother Okay, supernatural over supernatural, but you can't really takepart as much as nobody could have believed why they come Islam. Yes, me. Nobody was there exceptJabril Allah Islam and they're no angel coming and say yeah, Mama told the truth sallallahu alayhiwa sallam. So do you enter the part of your belief that is unseen. I like to look at this part of my


eemaan as the


type of stuff you don't talk to disbelievers about, right? I mean, we should feel confident, but howmany of us sit around and say and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sat on the back of a wingedhorse and went from Makkah to mocha Rama. Right, right, Robin, like there's a little bit of shyness.Maybe if I can use the word there's a little bit of Yeah, that's when you become Muslim. That's oneof the things you swallow. One of the things they kind of tell you it comes in the fine print. Butso today I am unleashing not a discussion for bunnies raw eel and I'll share notes with you onanother day. But will you start on the ninth minute of the the second minute of the hour? Oh Allah I


willingly choose this hour as an a bada Oh Allah I willingly


know but we're not as proud of this knowledge. So today I ask us to not look at this as a finalmessage to bunny straw yield, you'll come to see that that God was giving the Jews in MadinaMunawwara very clear final signs. A if Quraysh of Makkah are being told the day their day ofreckoning is coming, that every one who is rejecting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aftersuch clear signs and evidences as not held as hedger as unfollowed doba Whoa, whoa, those are bigdeals. Like at some point you're recognizable. Where is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comingup with all of this information. Where is he coming with this information from?


So please is Sourav Mirage is not a figment of the imagination is not some spiritual journey. TheProphet peace be upon him went from Makkah to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem. He led the prayer for100,000 prophets and ascended to the heavens. Well, yes, friends and this is where I'm asking you tobelieve more to to believe that God has the ability to that God has control. Do you see almost justacknowledging Israel Israel Mirage, you then acknowledge that Salah is, is supernatural? The scienceand supernatural blew my mind. So if anyone could for a moment, what came back from Islamic Lodge,the commandment of prayer and the last two is of Surah Baqarah so please take yourself the time to


be able to take the idea that one to 10 Yes is an introduction of bunnies straw eel, and yes isgiving the final nail in the coffin for those who are like well I don't believe him. I don't know.Oh yo, did you hear so this is a big event that takes place while he's still salon. So I'm in Makkah11 to 22 The purpose of this life is to be tested. And


the purpose of this life is to be tested the objective of prophethood and Ophira for the purpose ofthis life, he says Be it it is there you go Fatuma, there it is. So Allah subhanaw taala said thepurpose of this life to be tested? Yes, we we say we will succeed that test. Then what is thepurpose of?




of prophethood? What's the perfect of perfect purpose of sending prophets? Inna hadden, or Anna Diniletting you hear up on why you must share on remote meaning the Quran didn't just come to warn. Whatelse did it come to do friends, Long Island New York, the Quran didn't just come to warn it came toi a number 23 to 39 the basic principles of the Islamic State and I want you to see yourself in thissecond guide yes Vint Glad Tidings been awesome correct hedaya But once he Daya masoumeh Right, butHan is making a point Glad Tidings Why don't we see the Quran has come for us?


Oh, I am Friends. Friends. Can you use your power right now friends, use your power by Allah use thepower that you recognize. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given to fly from Makkah to toJerusalem. Would you acknowledge a teleportation pow were


with a seven seven in the chat box.


If you would then send


ion and family a dua right now friends, because life is tough for somebody. You guys if you can takea look over here


I know you can't see Barca Luffy confronts FEMA and you're coming in right now. Can everyone drop aseven seven in the chat box and teleport your DUA to ion and family? Friends how many of us rightnow can send love peace and compassion? can say oh Allah I would I Oh ALLAH life has beaten me downbefore I am friend. These are seven sevens coming your way. I got triple sevens on Instagram fam.You gotta love coming your way friend. Take it catch it in a bucket. I'm sorry. I am sorry. Butwe're gonna we're gonna do this. Life is not fair all the time. You got more sevens over here onInsta? You got sevens on Facebook. You got seven from YouTube. They're shouting you out from the


rafters bro. Friend


proverbial girl hola mommy. Thank you friends bark Lo Fi comm right now you know that the wall wentto Aon and that permeated to every single person out there who's feeling a little down does meanBaraka la vie conference bark la vie come along Masood naman sending love and Salaam and Greekrecognizing your power. Like can you imagine though, it's just he asked me inside Mazuma anyonewho's here?


Can you guys imagine were discussing the power of Israel Mirage and someone is in need of ourteleportation power? Allama Amin, bro Allahumma Amin for life bro.


May we be there for each other? May we be there for each other Allahumma Amin Allahumma Amin, Allahof Miami 40 to 60 So there was a big little jump there 23 That 39 So I'm going to take a chance tojust read you a section if you don't mind one of the most powerful sections of this surah but I'mgonna say that about five times today. One of the most powerful one being is Raul Mirage to being AIand number 23 Hold on to your brains as you read up on Lorem Buka


whoo Oh Illa


Oui oui, Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed upon us to worship none but Allah and to be good withyour parents. worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And being good to your parents is in the same linewith no break no walk in my other no one


that can give out along a handle Oh Ma. And if by chance one or both of them are to reach an olderage and age of seasonality,


array and age of difficulty. Barca lofi Coen Brothers side if you want to drop the meaning of 23 inthe chatbox


friend was coming at you and your son and your child may Allah subhanaw taala give us all gutintelligence. Oh Allah increase our iman the way you increase our gut intelligence and our brainintelligence and our heart intelligence Allahumma Amin


and if your parents are to attain an older age and age of seasonality then fala Taku Lahoma then donot say upon your parents off.


Do not say it's a sound it's not even a word.


Oh my god. How many of us speak to our parents less than respectfully fall out the cool Lahoma ofsociety it is a social move. And your Lord has decreed that you not worshipped ACCEPT Him and toyour parents good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age while with you say not tothem as so much as off


and do not repel them but speak to them with a noble word. Ah, you don't understand me.


Oh Allah if my children can hear please to your mother. For a lotta cool love mama have Furla tacolove mama of Walton her home aku love mama ko lang Karima and extended them a kind word. These areIslamic state laws.


These are Islamic State these are how the Islamic State would function and what's the first law begood worship Allah be good to your parents first law. Well feel now Houma. Jana has gone leave menow. Rockman while


Bill or ha


ha Gama via Annie slowly you all take your mom and dad's names in your heart. Welcome Rob. BenroHello, Mark. I'm out


I can use LD welcome love Durham woman comma one Bayani South elaw become the end of the abusechain. Even if your parents hurt you in some way, ask for forgiveness look past it and start shininglight on them become the mirror that balance is God's light off onto your parents and become thelight friends step into the light and by the end of 15 just I want you to become the light AllahummaAMI


Oh Allah take care of my parents the way they took care of me when I was young on bukem movie Mumfieknow for cecum


ghouls Lonnie enough I don't even know who they are in fact you know who Oh Ghana needle hour whilebeing you know lawful or well I look forward by how one Myskina webinars serving at Walla Walla totheir busy all


Zahab Eric love eco bark Luffy come in Moomba VD Nakano is


outplayed Organa St. Claude O'Neill won't be he got for


a long time. I mean, if you feel all warm and fuzzy inside friends,


remember, there is a wonderful verse


that discusses termination of children.


What do you think this guy thinks about the topic of terminating the life of a baby?


It don't talk about that in front of them. Okay. So there is a very powerful disco Is it allowed inIslam?


To end the life of a child or a created fetus, you can go ahead and take a look here. But once youadopt these rules, I would like you to understand whether you think it is allowed or not. It's notin Islam, there would be a state, a legislative body that would help in cases of extreme situationswhere abortion becomes a situation in the case of x, y, z, and we can get into that legally. Whenthere's force when there's X when there's y inter family we can go there. But for now, friends arethere principles to an Islamic state? Is there Sharia to be followed? And do you frown upon the wordShetty? Isla? Is it a negative feeling to you? Or is it the way God speaks and communicates Allama


Amin Let's send love and salam to our parents. During quarantine it's a little bit tough. I number30 to Lala dump on boys Xena in Ghana ha ha ha Hey shut down was


Biela so first God says don't even be trippin with Zina don't even get close to Xena so all of theif the Can we hug can we shake hands? But we're just friends that that that that that I am going forthis I went to get that it but you know that? You know no one really touches you you know.


My laptop was Xena Rosina inner who can afford Shatta Wale Nakata was a villa. So if you never goclose to fornication,


adultery, there will be no reason


there would be no reason to have to terminate or a life wouldn't be started. Now in the rare cases.


Absolutely. I think Muslims are scared hearing surely ALLAH. I think Muslims don't like to swallowthat there is a reality and that we can't see because we're so indoctrinated. Well, when I sayIslamic State, what's the first thing once you get past everything you're like, will there be Wi Fi?


Will I not be able to go to a movie theater anymore? Or like all the shopping malls gonna have likekirtan in the middle of the mall? Right? We don't have any idea of what a Islamic


encounter would be like. It's just trying to fit it into. So is there like a mall? And like, how doyou go get your eyebrows done in an Islamic state? Do we have to have crossed the border? Right? I'mnot mocking I'm sure there's some where we get to go to like hookah lounges. Like the first


First thing that we go


if you look at the first thing that if we if we think about Islam, we first think

(Video) Juz 16: Journey 2020 (Taraweeh) with Imam Wisam Sharieff | Islamic Relief USA


the first thing that we say is Oh my god, I'm gonna lose some of my cool stuff, or everything'sgonna be censored there. It's the first thing that comes to mind. If I am wrong, then I would say itis the first thing that came to my mind when I initially thought Islam, abortion and ending lifecomes up in Iowa number 33 wala Tatula nasality do not kill a soul out of fear. It is how long foryou to kill it out of fear that you don't have Mark Luffy come Hamza great to have everyone. Friendsare their principles to an Islamic state? Absolutely. 40 To 60 The question is, do you need violenceto see that manifest itself? Do you Oh reader of 15 Jers only see one way that Islam can shine and


be dominant by us fighting and killing it? Is that what you see? Is that what you feel? Make anopinion joined together? 40 To 60 Answering the objections made by the Mushrikeen regarding thoughheat the Salah and Quran 40 is really it's not the same old story, but it's repackaging thequestions of the old age. May I read 42 You have an L spine Komarov boom can bill Bernie in ouralpha Minalima Allah you got the Inasa


in noncumulative telco no no Paola no Lima one up or down slow rough Nafi had that little poor

00:46:43--> 00:47:34

be has or anemia that go Who am I as you do home Elavil for May I take a moment here friends and Imean this with love, if you feel like and that you just found an idea, and that idea is going toconvince someone not to get an abortion. I'm sorry, my friend you're out for a very hollowingexperience. So a go to someone with something a little bit more than Oh my God, God said It's haramdon't do it. It's my only suggestion. I say that with love. Someone who has come to that stage is insuch pain. No one would choose that for themselves. There is pain that person's going through so Itook a step back to the surah ayah number 33 Surah is raw 1733 A draw the line in the sand you can't


change people's hearts 42 Go Long gamma hole he had he had to gamma yaku noona either love it algoIsla de la Rashi sebelah Suba ha now who


my up who do now oh no one can be able to set B hula was Marwa to Saba two sub B hula who some hourto server one hour ago among fee in


what Amon che Illa you said be Hobi Hamdi hE y la que la wala kill def who are not this be helpful.This be a home in Ghana honey man must have overall 45 Can I get the beating of 45 in the chat box?


barkcloth ECAM.


Big breath infringement my God. Oh Allah Allahu Akbar, may God heal those who have had traumaticexperiences related to abortion, rape, incest, molestation, it is a very difficult time. It is avery difficult wound to heal yourself. You feel broken, you feel like there's something wrong withyou. Now when it comes to all this separation of men and women, and hijab and not shaking hands, andno 1111 Law, huggy. huggy hold the whole the hands go to movies together. Why not? God is saving thehearts friends, God is saving the hearts.


God is saving the hearts so to all of us who have been hurt Islam the system is designed to protecthuman beings. And when you recite the Quran we put between you and those who do not believe in thehereafter, a concealed hijab, a mistura Fatima, we're gonna get their friend. I believe we arehealing together right now, Fatima, the first way to heal my beloved friend in this difficultscenario for whoever's going through it is to choose to heal. First say it right now. I'm surroundedby people.


I'm surrounded by people who love me and who care for me and Fatima. There are people who want to be


be able to take that pain. So if you want to reach out right now sister Fatima and ask someone totake a little piece of it, I will ask and intend someone to take a six six in the chatbox to take alittle bit of your pain to be able to choose. Choose that oh Allah. I am choosing to begin healingfrom the most difficult things the things I thought I could never heal. And here I am. And right nowI'm here to give you that six six and anyone who does we're here now hear the words to heal yourbody. What is our Ottawa data for an agile run lab at NACA Albanian I love Vienna law you may knowthat bill, have you all been allowed to do it? Hey, Java must do a lot of my I mean I wish you could


see it friend but you don't need to see it because you feel it inside. For those of you at home onsling Roku or watching a recording we are talking to a live chat box here may Allah heal and comfortthose who are suffering from emotional wounds Allahumma Amin All I got is a six six on Facebook andYouTube friend Fatima you are surrounded by love you are surrounded by those who will take a littlehandful of the discomfort you experienced today. Friends shine that power nah no on we're skipping45 And we're going 46 starting 47 Knock no Allah moonbeam is them here Oh gonna be it via StameyRunite in a Nico is home. What is home nigerois? Yeah, cool off Bonnie Munna in India go low Bonnie


Munna is that Debbie Runa Isla in La Jolla. Mascoutah Oh Laura Kay fell blah blah blah all that upon one low one low Falah Yes, Delta your own as


well follow? Either goon llama waddle, fat, low fat and in law mother rose will now follow. John D.


Closing out 4940 to 60 friends, answering the question of the moisture keen settling the topic. Doyou still disbelieve in one god you still reject Muhammad? Yes still reject the Quran God's closingthe case over there 61 to 70 the reality of a bliss and the honor and status of the children ofother money so that was Bing Bing Bing That's us 61 To 70 You will now see the fifth time this storyis taking place fourth if not fifth.


And if you're ready, we're coming up on our first break. So if you can mentally open number 61 Wellif


it guarantees you do need


them first. Do it.


Even yourself on Borla as Julie man Maha now or down please.


Allah Allah Ateca had the levico Rhonda Allah yella in LA in a horror Danny Eli will Milty Mattilathen you can


Danny can also re Yetta who is allowed on Isla


flank and family I would say reading Quran but at the end of the day best way to do remember Allahis to talk to him. read Quran make vicar read the 99 names make salawat


I would say friends, talk to Allah talk to Allah.


When it's all said and done


61 to 70 a very strong reality in everybody laser laka Allah himself on 65 worker Fabiola Vikawalkie


66 on bronchopneumonia NVQs Gilan comun for gmefi,


feeling back


down go newfound Lee in who cannot be Kuhmo ima




the reality of a belief and the honor and status of the children of Israel do you understand? Youare amazing flank you are amazing


Okay, Safe Zone safe zone. Thank you. Thank you so much. barkcloth comes and being you, you, youerupt like a beautiful sprout of, of happiness and light. It's a safe zone here, right? There's onething where you expose your sins and it's another thing where you have a safe zone to be able toshare them. So again, let's consider this PG. This is our PG 13 or R rated if you can handle thediscomfort part of it or if not, it's too on Islamic for you, then I don't believe in telling peoplewhat to say or not to say right friends. So please bark Luffy calm


Okay, bark lafay confront a friend in feed joined the the recitation a little bit more often andyou'll, you'll get to see how much we truly translate the agenda.


Yes, I understand you shouldn't expose your sins.


But if you use it as a public gathering to say, I have an issue and I'm working on it, that's a verypowerful thing to do friends. And so, fair enough. I'll I'll let your meat ball roll, roll down.


Roll down the hill Baraka Luffy come Allah bless all of us for our holding up of the goodness, but Ipray that you all can learn to get


I heard that you can learn a little bit about the therapeutic environment.


Flank will ask or ask. Islam q&a will help you out with all those 71 to 77 Fair enough friends 71 to77 Let's do it together Friends. We're trying to we have two minutes till our first break barque LoFi calm No need to apologize. Just keep on seeing right friend No need to apologize just be presentwith us 71 to 77 friends and if you would like to at home, please open and have an Arabic must have.Right we want you to do a little bit more than just listen to a great lecture. Be present be herehave the Quran have the most have have some notes beautiful, right friends? So let's do it together.71 to 77 let's pull up the meaning. And for those of you who would like to see the meaning please


join us with a real chat on h h on our Islamic Relief chat. Which is Islamic Relief. I are usa.orgforward slash TV. I R your usa.org forward slash TV let's do this friends are a little bit likemachine gunner Jim. Buckle up friends let's get with it. 71 Yeah, oh man, I don't ruin cooler gonna


be my ma me game from an oldie Akita bow gouvia meanie friends would you like me to scroll the textfor you? Would you like me to scroll the text for you for the last two minutes? We'll do that whenwe come back but friends I think our recap for a surah Islam is sounding fantastic for ona II guyout on our own Akita about womb. Well Allah you will love Munna de la


All right friends.


Man you guys are saying sorry to each other more than we say sorry to Allah. The start saying sorryto Allah friends. If we can't enter a safe zone, enter the safe zone. Lm feed I'm wishing you thebest friend when we come back there gonna be so much transitioning be like brother you need torecite a little bit more. It's coming. We just need to put into place shake Yasser our the ourreciter will be coming up 71 to 78 Glad Tidings of foil glad tidings of foiling of the plots toexpel the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seven years eight to 82 Glad Tidings of annihilationof falsehood as a result of prayer or on tahajjud and the closeness to Allah. We're going to look at


this after we come back at three to 100 It is wrong to demand physical miracles after the livingmiracle of the Quran Ooh re 83 to 100 It is wrong to demand physical miracles after the livingmiracle of the Quran has come and 100 to 1101 to 104 the fresh and fit our own leadership are thesame in that they both desire to expel the prophet from the this land 105 to 11 the rights of theQuran and the instructions to make dua pray


Is and magnify Allah alone


I'm gonna read that last idea to you and then we will go for our break for the salah won't Guney




de la la me at Delphi Lala die one of them young cool levels are equal feel mole while I'm yaku LaguAli young me


on can beat her Holtec be long


a lot of money


so that Allahu La the surah Benny is an eel surah is wrong


oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who I'll take that one one ifyou benefited I understand that there were several that we moved in different speeds


absolutely 105 to 111 the rights of the Quran and instructions to make dua praise and magnify Allahalone


I like it feeling good about it friends. We can come back Yeah 48 Is it okay to ask isa go aheadfriend


Oh, welcome.


Friend, we are in Surah calf when you when you come back


on on zoar Yes. Oh, how would you know? How would you know when you're in the third page, right? Solet's look at it together.


I have number 21. Right? Eye number 21.


So in either number.


Yes. So when a word that doesn't start with Alif lamb when a word that doesn't start with Alif lambso that's just an n f, then count from the left to the third letter. What's the third letter Alifnoon vol vol. If the third letter has an EU, the Alif will take an EU on the EU the EU


if the third letter has a Fatah, a line on the top or a Khasra in both cases, it will be a line onthe bottom of the Elif Eden's vowel being lengthy he arson it term here oh no, it can be room right?Excellently so please count to the third letter if the third letter has a lie in on the top or aline on the bottom. The other full take a line on the bottom orchestra. If the third letter has adama then the olive will take them


if the third letter has a vata or Khasra it will take Khasra Khasra mine and bottom it will nevertake Fatah


Yep, yes. All right friends shake Yasser is here the 55th law about the 50th minute


okay, dama for the MCC or otherwise Khasra isa Isn't that really cool though? This is how like trueknowledge is spread. Oh, excuse me, I have a question of knowledge. Oh person who has that knowledgeand then you wrote it down in this Oh cool. Mashallah. The varkala for your friend, may the angelspread their wings in your path.


A will only take Fatah when there's Alif Lam at the beginning of the word and it's a noun, or it's ait has, it is particular al Kitab. So and you do find those a la vie got it. barkcloth he confrontsthank you so much for Allah Subhana Allah bless you all tremendously As salam o aleikum, waRahmatullah turning it over to shave. Yasir qadhi Our reciter barkcloth Yquem Sheikh and Mazatlanwas salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Sheikh wants to recite from Surah to calf till the 50th Minutethat'd be great. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.


envision envision a parent's heart warm when their child comes home safe from school envision aglass of clean water for a little girl who used to walk miles to quench her thirst and vision thehungry belly of an orphan now full of nourishment and envision a promising tomorrow for a woman whois providing for her family envision a Ramadan for mercy love enjoy this Ramadan envision a betterworld with Islamic Relief?


Should that should I start


oh there will be


a shape on your G


Bismil your manual Rafi


hamdulillah hill the


Isla wedding Akita


(Video) Journey 2020 with Wisam Sharieff Night 15 - Ramadan 2020 - Islamic Relief USA

John who was


going family


the robber


show the mill don't worry we'll show me


why your machine meaning the nyaman oh now slowly had the


urge to run has


murky fina fie the


way the or the you know call or the huddle wallet




ve mi nine mi




geboren skelley


the whole domain of one he ye guna Illa Kariba


Furla Allah GABA here on of circa Allah


A rehear you learn new meno via Hadith the SF




Louisiana tell


your son why manda why in Georgia you know they saw either




has EBIT then I was happy for you all rock me mica Oh mean Dina


is our fifth year two wheeler fee fell call or burn


me lead


Metho why Hawaii Lana in Medina, Russia the


Fel bought up and


then he haemophilia GFI si ne now the


balluff know whom Lena Lama you he's very easy for Nima before the


No no no calls for like Anna


been happy in fifth year tune. No Bo Bureau beam Waze DANA


What about bonala called OB him in camo Phalke all born out of voice




Dooney he lands






shall pop off


in Pomona


Dooney the del la Mola tune our lay here this will fall on your Valley in


vermin Avila more men. Man if


long he can leave


what easier to move home Why am I gonna do it? Long? Whoo Isla Alka


Shula kumara beaucoup


shovel local Mamuka


Murthy me ye ye Legos






What shumsa either boiler does one get a feeling that that in the mean he won't eat all that dampAudioboom that that Shima the while home feed veggie watin




that he came in the let


me do


one more dad it was me old little fella.


Daddy then




more Rashida


What sir boom a cough Oh wha hoo Mo Oh


one oh call li boom that yummy and you are the Shema the walk out of the womb see


the raw I even once we'd


love will follow I thought Aim lower late I mean feel oh, oh moly Damian


Walker then he got off




wall or II mean whom can lobbies to call? Who lobbies? Yeah. Oh man. Bye Oh.


Call no Rob bukem movie. These Tom furbearers who are hardcore the workweek. The E L Medinadifferent leoville A has girl


Yo bull EO has girl boy


failure the


beat is Queen Ali Baba Wallah you Sriram


vehicle had




blue moon come out we already do comfy me let the more


to flee who either


wall gather any guy I felt on Now I lay him leave


the law here How


are you baffi


in the Atlanta zone I bet you know whom


folk on Oban while he him who near now Rob boom movie

(Video) Juz 14: Journey 2020 (Taraweeh) with Imam Wisam Sharieff | Islamic Relief USA


levy in Walla Walla family him Lana Del t


Mr. G the SEO cool


Robbie caribou Iacono now Hamza to


the Zoom caribou Mirage Iman why Wade


why up Gunas eBay I


mean, gullible whom go wrong the movie I that in my home in love Colleen


Furla tonight aefi him


on ah. Vaughn healed


fella too many feet


long here


stuff TV. I mean, I had


Walla Walla,


che in Neve


warden in Asia.




was good Rebecca even as he lost


the annual beanie Acorah Berman, Russia the


Wallabies to feed him.


CNE now was the do this




movie Mallaby Fula who was


at one hour we have lcdb was near Marilla


Dooney HeyMy Walia


Shri Kofi hope me had


what Luma he like I mean kita big move at the rally Kenny mathy he was


Daddy Damian Rooney monta had


so long lovely


Aloha Iran.


Wyclef Aaron shake us there. Thank you very much for today


deserve Hello, hello.


Thank you very much. Please tell our your family our salaam chef. Okay, inshallah. SHAN ma


Asami con la Waldenstrom oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim has to be Allahu La ilaha illa Whoare they hit our curl to a horrible Arsenal team


will be lurking in a che Barney regime if you are all set to go friends and then Messiah Hello andwelcome


hola hola. Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I would have been like thank you very much againshake


barkcloth eco May Allah give you increase in your


Life in your baraka and your bounty bark love you


I couldn't understand punctuation


mark Luffy comm Alright friends also bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim a true gem of the Quran comingup


rock solid rock solid Ah yes. Sorry, rock solid, the head of sod


Thank you.


Thank you brother Saad.


I pray any difficulty you experience in that brother side


that is alleviated. May you be blessed are you all set to go? I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani Rrajim. The next Surah has 110 verses it is the SR Surah to this ayah number 78 To 8278 to 82 ofSurah is surah if you are ready, those are very powerful verses I wish you could highlight them andwe'll be able to bring them up in the conversation at another time. But if you are able please takea look


at 78 to 82 all the way below him in a che Bhanu Raji are also bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim arealso Oui. Jimenez shade on your roadie Please begin with me beloved friends is Surah coincidentally,that is falling on the eve of Friday night are also being Umina showing on your Raji sort of caf 110versus


we will be aiming I was Villa


right pretty beautiful thank you Allah


Oh zubi la he Mina shade on you one Jeem Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah you lezzy


Allah Allah arbre de la


one I'm Jada I love who are you? Why


are you my Leo's Sencha Did you lead on Who are you better share one more meaning. Why are youbashing? Me? Nina? lezzy nyaman una slaley Hottie ad? Nada


nada whom agile one has an


if you recall in Surah is law while you bush you rule me Nina what you wish you roadmap me Nina. Wejust want to make that for those who are committing to memory what you wish your wall is or a calfor you wish you roll is raw it's raw. And I and number three Mikey thean IV Abba da one zero Levinaon without further Allahu Allah de mala


V Haiming mu Allah


gobble wants ghanimat


da flowjo Amin Fahim E for Doerner Illa we follow laka on


he came in let me know if you may know we had a hottie ACSF in a jar llama nama obz that


you never know. Are you home


we're in Georgia are you on I'm on a sorry


to lose.


Now before we move forward, let's lay down some context. So we're on number 18 is one through eight,eight are introducing after introducing the Quran man is being informed of the purpose of life. Sowe see a lot going on in the first 10 is of Serato calf, we see the Prophet sallallahu wasallambeing overcome, being overcome by grief. What a day welcome. What a day to welcome Friday. Yes, I dofeel a little slight pressure like how do you perform such a beautiful? How do you present it andnot leave out one of the amazing treasures of Serato Gaff. So let's start together.


First off, let's lay out the first aid is going to talk about man's


life and purpose we're gonna talk about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the Quran hischaracter. We're also going to get a, a glimpse into the story of us have a calf. So you're going tohear this story about us hobble calf, so the those who slept in the cave will find these storiesalso mirrored in older traditions, but they call it the Seven Sleepers. Here we do not discuss theirnumber, but we know that a group of boys isolated themselves from the people in their community.Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.


Allahu Akbar Reve Reve for Ramadan. Folks are still shouting out here on Instagram bark lofi commwelcome again everyone to ir usa.org Welcome. For those of you who are catching us online and onsling Roku, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There are there is a story of us hobble gaff theseyoung men who cut themselves away from society they did not try to take on social norms. They didn'tsay well, video games won't affect me Instagram Tik Tok won't affect me. They chose to do what wemight make fun of they cut themselves off and I feel like as young people we overlook i a number 13.National Nakasone alayka never been helpful in our home fit yet to an airman who will be able to be


him was in our home who that, that in order for us in our young age to receive guidance from God, wehave to take the first step that the young men of us Hubble can have friends, did they take thefirst step or did God


Amanu Viola what be him they said we believe in God and they cut off from the Instagrams and thedancing and the Tick Tock and the lip singing and they cut away and they said they came towardsAllah was it was it enough Houda and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada increase them in their guidance was evena home Hooda then the conversation of them asking their Lord, that conversation of folk on Autumnbuena, buena Sama,


Dylan Nether or mu do Sunni


do your best and Allah will do the rest. I liked that a lot. barkcloth V come. But friends theyasked Allah subhanho wa taala. And they said we won't take any other partners. Today in a world ofInstagram, Facebook, and what will people think about me? Have we all taken tiny Gods over what wewhat Allah subhanaw taala thinks of us? Yes. And so as these boys cut away, I mirror the day where Ileave social media and say look, I have everything that I have said, I've said it and I'm done. Andand now I'm leaving it may you all stay blessed. And I do think about it that there is at somepoint, I'm going to have to say I'm of no use. And this is doing more harm to me than it is


benefiting the society as I'm getting older and no longer as beneficial. Then you walk away. Butbefore we move forward from here, I do need to take the elephant out of the bag when it comes toSurah two calf what do we all or maybe adults What does Serato Karev also mean to you? And I'm goingto lay down some groundwork brother side if you want to catch these only five main points want sowhat what else does sort of talk of knowing it? I'll just leave it out there if someone drops it inthe chat box that the Mac that makes sense what else are the first 10 is absurd Okay, I have alsohelpful Oh, someone just said protection your home protection from what we'll get there. So please


protection from what I have one through eight after introducing the Quran, man is being informedthat the purpose of life nine to 31, the story of the people of the cave and the test of one'seemaan Nine to 31 Denton down the fitna of the jaw protection from the jaw.


So we meet again.


Okay, we'll talk 32 to 59 that test through wealth, the parable of the two land owners 32 To 5932 to59 that test through wealth, the two men who are given a garden and their parable 60 to 82 that testthrough knowledge of the Unseen


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